Baths — Obsidian

Anticon |
Depressing, oppressing, suppressing

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The crunching of bones underfoot, as any fan of Indiana Jones knows, is deeply unsettling. Initially mistaken for a crunching of a less grisly nature, the reveal sends chills up the spine.

This particularly macabre mode of percussion was selected by Baths to underscore the particularly depressing nature of his album Obsidian. As twisted branches protrude from a tree trunk, looping units of complacent piano contrast sharply against looping cells of grim lyricism, drawn together downward by the constant grisly crunching.

There is a kernel of pessimism unassumingly nestled into the soft, squishy netherfolds of this metaphorical oyster. With time, a work like Obsidian develops naturally — a glorious gleaming pearlescent monument to misery.