Oscar — Cut and Paste

Wichita | discogs.com
Perfectly-kerned Helvetica for your earballs.

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With little more than a cursory Google, you can lay your mouse on dozens of charming indie webseries. I have whiled away many an afternoon following the at once numbingly normal and utterly engrossing quotidian of Brooklyn hipsters and California queers. Those exhausted by the grand, blockbusting tales of universal import churned out by Hollywood can find solace in these slices of somebody else's life; small-scale, intimate sometimes beyond the point of discomfort.

You'd be hard-pressed to find one without a stellar soundtrack.

Oscar Scheller specialises in the kind of delightful guitar noodlings that accompany a minimalistic credits sequence thanking, among others, dozens of Kickstarter backers. Like the perennial perfectly-kerned Helvetica, Scheller may not get you bumping and grinding. But an incongruous sense of deep satisfaction will lodge itself within you.